image masking


Image masking has many types of uses. Some advanced uses for background removal are discussed here. For soft edges of an image like human hair, furry clothes, doll etc. photo masking technique is applied in combination with the clipping path technique to remove or replace the background of the photo.

For hard edges clipping path technique is used, for the furry or soft edge masking is used. In the situation, where it cannot be possible to grab more accurate details of soft edges with the clipping path technique alone, photo masking method is called upon to isolate the object from the background.

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My Graphic Expert is the worldwide acclaimed Professional Photo Editing Company that has been operating with individual photographers, several world illustrious media, graphic design houses online fashion store, printing companies, e-commerce sites, photography companies, and different inventive agencies for the last two years. We’ve got a team of extremely knowledgeable and experienced image manipulators who are incessantly giving their best efforts for the most effective clipping path service expertise. Now, we are able to offer 2000 image per day and therefore the usual spin time is 12-24 hours. Before onboarding as a client, you’ll be able to strive without charge.

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Natural Shadow
color correction


Color correction step comes next after photo culling which you do working with any photography style. The full potential of your images can be reached through smart color correction. But if you’re a demanded photographer, you’re busy every day to edit thousands photos and adjust their color palette, My Graphic Expert completely understands you and offers online photo editing support that will save your valuable time and effort and ensure that you won’t drown under hours of editing. We adjust exposure, color tones, vibrancy, saturation, highlights, shadows, contrast and sharpness to help you get the most out of your every image. Use our professionalism and 15 years of photo editing experience to your advantage and reap the benefits of the color correcting photos job done by us. Work smarter, not harder!

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Neck-Joint service has a magnificent feature present in the service that it could bring a magical touch to your digital pictures as well as it will make them innovative. This service has photo cropping, as demanded by clients. Then it has photo enhancement, color shifting as well as color enhancing. Neck joint service is used for mannequin effect. Basically, maybe you hear about this as ghost mannequin service. You could use this service for commercial use as well as private use also.

You could have a question in your mind after reading so many usefulness of this service. That how could you edit through this neck- joint service? We have a simple solution for you. If you follow all these techniques, you could easily use this photo retouching and restoring service.

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neck join service
drop shadow


Photoshop Drop shadow has a dominating impact on product images. Put on the shadow the same manner you did in step four. By resizing images, you may have to alter shadow of the image. Drop shadows are a form of layer style, you have to first choose a layer in Layers panel which you want the drop shadow applied to. If you would like to change drop shadow, don’t hesitate to do so. Of course, when you wish to, you are able to do manually create another drop shadow for your box.

If you desire images cut from the background, we use the background removal services to offer you precisely what you want to get. As you cannot wait that much time to recover the images, it is essential to understand the shipping time of the images.

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Creating a reflection using Photoshop is one of those things that catches viewer’s attention at the very first glance. It is the most simple, yet effective image editing technique that will help you to create your most desired reflection. There are countless effects that you can create with text in Photoshop. Playing around with several layer effects can really make a difference. You can easily add or remove an outer or inner glow, or just experiment and stroke around the letters with layer effects.  But it is also really easy to take the text to the next level by adding a reflection or a shadow underneath it. Adding reflections to objects can instantly transform your designs from looking ordinary to polished and visually interesting. To leave a subliminal impression of quality on your customer, you can use reflection shadow on your products images. It is the most simple, yet effective image editing technique that can advantage your ecommerce store.

reflection shadow
remove background


Image background removal service provider where we provide remove background service, Photo cut out service with necessary re-sizing. Background removal service is very important while putting images into e-commerce sites or publishing media. Background removal is also necessary to change or replace a Photo background or to cutout an image from its background. Images may need redecoration or re arranging according to the requirements. We are here dynamic in the business to serve individuals or companies with our savvy administrations. We provide remove background service from an image utilizing most recent strategies where one can’t even get a thought that from where this photo is clicked.


clipping path Services is the edge on which the image is cut. Imagine cutting the image with scissors or a cookie cutter. The background remove is the silhouette that the scissors or the mold made. Creating image editing of an image you want to use is a tedious job if you are a beginner in the field. Commercial photographers, design studios, graphics houses, print media, e-commerce owners and even photo enthusiasts who need photo editing, know it and use our services..

clipping path
image manipulation


Photo manipulation is the technique to edit an image in order to create illusion or deception in photographs. Photo manipulation can be done through analog and digital method. Photo manipulation helps to enhance and improve the quality of an ordinary photo to an extraordinary photo. Use of cultural impact and ethical concerns has made photograph manipulation as an interesting application rather than the technical procedure and the skills involved. Photograph manipulation is an art where output image improves the original image. One can use this to extract the bad composing elements, add more interest, add color to a black and white image. Photograph manipulation can be used to create promotional shots for businesses.